More than 10 years of clinical experience,
the medical specialist will be responsible
for the surgery from start to finish.
Skilled surgery knowhow + Sensitive and trendy design
The medical specialist, Joo Hyung Hong will plant hair with careful skill and detailed nature.
The medical specialist’s sophisticated
personality pursues perfection
and operates detailed hair transplantation.
He plans and proceeds with operation
by considering about
the patient's future.
He pursues sensational
and trendy design
that suits the patient.
He is dedicated to various
academic activities and endless
researches solely for hair transplantation.
Moheal's efforts for 90 + 9% engraftment.
We research and make efforts to maximize hair transplantation rate. We operate hair transplantation without damage. Moheal has differentiated hair transplant technology and constantly researches for high engraftment.
Moheal clinic is constantly studying about only hair loss and hair transplantation and following the basic principle.
Representative is in 100% charge of operation including consultation, design, diagnosis, and operation.
One person per day VIP operation schedule / guarantee post-operative security!
Hair transplantation is a surgery that requires high concentration and effort. Moheal gives one day for one patient as a gift.
Moheal clinic operates incision and non-incision together according to the characteristics of the occipital condyle and designs for even massive hair transplantation.
Moheal clinic’s safety & pain relieving system
Moheal performs the operation with 100% local anesthesia (partial anesthesia). As we do not use sleeping anesthesia, you don’t have to worry about anesthesia accident such as difficulty in breathing. With use of special instrument to reduce pain during operation, we minimize pain.
Moheal's special hair follicle storage
More than 5 years of skilled hair follicle separators minimize hair follicle damage and accurately separate. We also do not waste the hair follicles by storing the isolated hair follicles using the patient's own plasma rather than the saline solution.
Don’t worry, countryside and overseas residents!
Moheal offers safe and comfortable accommodation. (Hotel pick-up service is provided)
Moheal's On Hair Project
Thorough scalp management before hair transplantation, we make optimal scalp condition for operation. After the transplantation, the premium management of the moheal keeps the transplanted hair follicles in the best condition and prevents the hair from falling off.

TAP Triangle Autologus Plasma
It is a therapeutic method that extracts proteins and growth factors
that are the basis of hair in blood and injects it into the scalp.
It stimulates Progenitor cells before the differentiation into hair during the operation
and supplies the growth factors and proteins to have three essential elements of hair regeneration.
It is the latest breakthrough treatment method that satisfies all.
Moheal Cytokine therapy
We promote hair growth by cytokine that suppresses 'hair follicle cell destruction factors'
in the hair loss area and adds 'hair follicle cell proliferation cytokine' for proliferation of hair follicle cells.
The 'nutrient component', which is the energy needed for the cells to work,
is added to promote the energy metabolism of the cells and supply the nutrients needed for hair growth.
Moheal Hair cell magnetic treatment
It is magnetic machine that heals the scalp to activate hair follicle cells and increase
the blood flow of microvascular vessels for the treatment and rehabilitation of hair loss.
(Hair loss treatment 96.7% /
Rate of hair increase 66.1% (KDFA certified hair loss treatment medical device)
Moheal Smart looks GX HAIR
It is the machine for only hair loss treatment and its rate is RED (635nm) and FX (RED 635nm + IR 830nm).
It has been introduced and used for the first time in Gangnam hair transplantation hospital.
Also, it has an excellent effect on post-management because it has the effect
of increasing the engraftment rate of the transplantation area
and the pain relief of hair extraction area, wound treatment and reduction of swelling.
Moheal PRP hair loss treatment
It is treatment that separates your blood and injects it into scalp.
Various growth factors and cytokines derived from a-granules
play an important role in the differentiation, proliferation,
and production of hair follicle cells.
Therefore, it strengthens the hair follicle and helps hair increase.